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And, as usual, they do not disappoint.

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X Factor 2013: Exclusive Details on Ellona Santiago’s Diva Performance!

Many interesting quotes from this article:

The 17-year-old high school student may seem demure, but kitten’s got claws as she showed when taking on a diva song for the December 4 Live Show.


We already know she’s won over the judges.


For her duties over at X Factor, Marina says she looks to cultivate each contestant’s personal style and “guide them in developing their identifying stage presence.” One word sums up Ellona’s: fierce.


I think it’s an understatement, to say that Ellona’s stage presence is “fierce” While she’s normally somewhat shy and soft-spoken off the stage, she’s completely fearless once on it.  It’s like she’s returning to her element, where she is meant to be, and where the real Ellona shines forth as brightly as any star.

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