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A new, excellent version of Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” sung by rising Star and Diva, Ellona Santiago.

Well done, Ellona!

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The X Factor Influence

The American television audience and, yes, even the world, has had an opportunity to see the blossoming of a young lady grow from being a singing “hopeful” to a full-fledged Star before our eyes, thanks to her being a contestant on this season’s X Factor USA competition.  From audition to final performances on the X Factor’s “Final 6 Showdown“, here are her performances, with my own personal comments: (more…)

In Ellona’s words:

I just wanted to dedicate my cover of “Read All About It” by Emeli Sande to everyone who has been so supportive of me throughout my XFactor journey. THANK YOU! I had such an amazing experience. The best thing about it is that I gained new friends to cherish forever. My journey in achieveing my goal to be a recording artist will continue and because of YOU, yes you reading this, I know that one day will soon come and I have you to THANK because you are one of so many people all over America and around the world who will make my dreams come true 🙂

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And, as usual, they do not disappoint.

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X Factor 2013: Exclusive Details on Ellona Santiago’s Diva Performance!

Many interesting quotes from this article:

The 17-year-old high school student may seem demure, but kitten’s got claws as she showed when taking on a diva song for the December 4 Live Show.


We already know she’s won over the judges.


For her duties over at X Factor, Marina says she looks to cultivate each contestant’s personal style and “guide them in developing their identifying stage presence.” One word sums up Ellona’s: fierce.


I think it’s an understatement, to say that Ellona’s stage presence is “fierce” While she’s normally somewhat shy and soft-spoken off the stage, she’s completely fearless once on it.  It’s like she’s returning to her element, where she is meant to be, and where the real Ellona shines forth as brightly as any star.

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Princess Ellona

When will Princess Ellona become Queen?

F6 ES1eEllona Knows Best 3

Twitition! #SimonSignEllona


You already know she’s a STAR!  I wrote about it (and I know you read it)!  Here:

Does Simon Cowell Think That Ellona Santiago Is “The One” With The “X Factor”? Let’s Review The Videotape!

And here:

Who Will Prove That They Were The One Who Really Had The ‘X Factor’ Afterall? Let’s See What Simon Says!