Has Simon Cowell Changed His Tune Regarding Ellona Santiago? Or Is There Something Else At Play Here?

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Entertainment
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From the ‘X Factor‘ show on Wednesday, 11/20/2013

During many of the previous ‘X Factor’ shows, Simon Cowell has been highly complimentary towards Ellona Santiago.  Here are some samples:

During her audition, when she sang “Wings” by Little Mix, Simon said, “That’s the one.” and “You are the girl I think I want to work with most in this competition.”

When Ellona sang “Clarity” prior to the live shows, Simon said, “Ellona, it’s probably one of the best vocals we’ve heard, uh, from this category.” and “I can’t imagine you not being in this competition.”

When she sang “Till The World Ends” to open the first live show, Simon said, “I believed in you and I was right. And what I love about you, Ellona, is that you’re here to win it, not just take part in a silly competition, but to win it and try and go on to sell records.” and then says, “And if she was one of my girls, I’d keep her … a million percent.”

Next, Ellona sang “Titanium“, just her on stage.  Simon interrupted Demi and said, “And under pressure as well. I mean that was your best performance that you’ve ever done.”

Ellona followed with “Baby Love” during the show with the  Motown theme.  Simon said, “Yeah, I’ve got to be honest with you, Ellona. When you first came out, you know, with the outfits and stuff, I thought, ‘Oh God, this is gonna be some cheerleader-type performance or something.’ But, I’ve got to tell you, you absolutely nailed that song. Really, really good!”  Then he continues, “You know what I love about you, Ellona, is that you’ve got, and don’t take this the wrong way, killer eyes. You know?   You’re really, really focused. You’re determined.  You want to win.  I really love working with people like you. Well done.”

I wrote about this in the article entitled, “Does Simon Cowell Think That Ellona Santiago Is “The One” With The “X Factor”? Let’s Review The Videotape!

In the next show, Ellona sings, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Simon has a few things to say to her.  First, he says, “Ellona, I thought the  first two thirds of the song were literally mad.  I just didn’t get it.  I didn’t.  Too erratic, too crazy, too much going on.  And then the last 30 seconds, when you hit the big note, the melody came back in again on the song, it was great.”  Then he says something that might be construed as ominous:  “I have one, one thing I think I would like to hear you do next week if you’re here,  is I’d like to see something with less choreography because you’ve got a great voice and I want to hear you show that off.”

Is Simon trying to send a new message, that he’s not sure she should be “here” next week?  Or, is he simply offering some good, constructive criticism.  Compared with previous weeks, this is a less-than-glowing opinion from him.  But, it still could be that Simon genuinely wants to hear more of Ellona’s voice with less of the choreographed dancers.   Still, it was when Ellona opened the first live show with “Till The World Ends” that she really blew away the rest of the competition for the rest of the night.  But, Ellona should take Simon’s words to heart.  He does think she has a fantastic voice and showed his approval when she sang Titanium.

And, finally, with the most recent performance, Ellona sang “Burn” during the “80’s British Invasion” night.  Personally, I don’t understand why they do this unless it’s simply to take the performers out of their comfort zone.  If that’s the case, I understand how the judges would want to see how each act can adapt to the environment.  Surely, one must be versatile to have and hold onto a good music career, otherwise it could get stale fast.

In any case, after Ellona’s performance, Simon said, “Ellona, um, there’s no question or doubt, you are a brilliant performer.  Whatever you are asked to do, you just sort of like shrug and go along with it, you smile, and you sing well.”   Did he expect her to do something other than an 80’s British Invasion tune?  He continues with  “However, it’s like at the moment I’m watching an actress.  I haven’t re … I don’t know who you are yet.  And, my suggestion is, and and, forgive me Demi, next week you choose the material, you do what you want to do, because at the moment, you’re like a dancing, singing puppet.  And, I think you’re better than that.”

Not exactly harsh criticism, but not glowing as he had been previously.   Still, Ellona should view this as constructive criticism.  I believe that Simon wants Ellona to be completely comfortable and totally in control of her next performance so that the very best can come out of her.  I think he wants to see her shine and dominate the competition.   He has shown throughout that he believes that Ellona Santiago is the one act/performer on the show that really has the “X Factor” and who are we to argue?

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