What Does Ellona Santiago Have That The Other ‘X Factor’ Acts Don’t?

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Entertainment
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I’ll start with Ellona’s voice.  While everyone on the show has a pretty good voice, I believe that she manages the dynamics better than the rest, with the exception of Lillie McCloud.  I’d say that they’re even because they both are great with the volume control of their voices.   Ellona has a knack of moving from softer to louder very smoothly.  An example of Ellona’s mastery of dynamics is when she sang “Titanium“.  After the soft beginning, she brought her voice up, but still very controlled in the middle section.  But, she didn’t go into full crescendo mode yet.   In the third section, she starts off at a middle volume and then moves ever-so-smoothly to the final crescendo.   Perfect control throughout.

Next, Ellona Santiago has seriously good stage presence.  She’s not only comfortable, but she is in control.   She knows what to do and when to do it like a professional.   She relates to the audience, she reaches out to them, she addresses them with her physical mannerisms.   This is where I think the rest of the acts don’t compare.  Watch her singing “Titanium” to see how she’s always keeping the entire audience in her communication, instead of just the judges or one section of the audience.   She moves with purpose and never misses a note that she’s singing.   Unlike the rest of the competition, Ellona is a stage performer, not just a singer.   She also proved this when she sang “Till The World Ends“.   The only other person who can sing AND dance is Carlito Olivero.  But, he’s still not as good as Ellona at this and I’m not really a fan of his vocals.

Ellona Santiago just looks good.  She’s got a great smile and temperament.   She receives “positive criticism” well and doesn’t let anything get her down.  She is thankful for all of the help she receives.  Her positive attitude wins fans.  She’s this tiny little thing with spunk, a Mighty Mouse.   This is why Kelly Rowland spoke about her “big voice”.   She exudes power and confidence on the stage, a power that’s not visible when she’s off-stage.  The transformation is remarkable and wonderful at the same time.  It’s special and it says, “I belong here.”   All of the other acts have shown their lack of confidence at one time or another.

In order to be special, to have that ‘X Factor’, you need to have the “whole package”.  Add it all up together and Ellona Santiago is the only one on the show that seems to have it all, the ‘X Factor’.

You can see her on Facebook here and on Twitter here.



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