Ellona Santiago Will Win The “X Factor” Competition. Here’s Why:

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Entertainment
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First, I’d like to congratulate Ellona Santiago for winning this year’s X Factor USA competition!  Too early for her to pop the bubbly?   Ok.  But, I believe she’s assured of winning this competition.  Let me count the ways.

First, let me start by comparing her to her “Girls” competition.

Rion Paige is a wonderful 13-year-old singer and she’s got a very nice singing voice.  I’m sure she’ll continue long after this X Factor competition is over and she might even have a singing career ahead of her.  But, she’s too young to be a serious consideration for winning this competition.  She also doesn’t have the stage presence and certainly not close to Ellona in that department.   I don’t want to take anything away from this very brave young girl, but she won’t win.

Khaya Cohen is closer to Ellona’s age and also has a very nice voice.  But, she sings as though she believes that she’s a 35-ish woman and has a style that fits that group.  It’s not “natural” for a girl her age.  Like Rion, Khaya just doesn’t have the stage presence that Ellona possesses.  She doesn’t wow the crowd.  She doesn’t bring the same youthful exuberance.

Ellona beats them because she’s staying true to herself, a young woman with a lot of young energy who is singing within herself and who sings songs befitting a young woman with high energy.  And, no matter which song she’s sung, she’s brought it to life with her voice and her movement on stage.  She’s fearless and not only appears comfortable, but totally in command in everything she does and that’s the point.  She doesn’t only sing, she performs nearly flawlessly.

Next, I’ll tackle the groups because they’re next easiest to dismiss.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Alex and Sierra.  They’re youthful and have a great stage rapport with each other and complement each other wonderfully.  They should have a nice music career.  But, they’re also limited to their style.  I forget who compared them to Sonny & Cher, but it was appropriate.  They’ll have fans, no doubt, and I might be one of them.  But, they don’t have the same kind of “Star Power” that Ellona has.  They’re nice and cute and just not in the same universe as Ellona.  I might picture them singing on cruise ships on occasion, if they don’t already.

Restless Road is a nice “Boy Boy Band”, but they are not as tight and as together as a group should be if they want to make it big.  Part of it is, of course, that they haven’t been together for much more than a month or two.  I just don’t see them wowing the world the way Ellona did when she opened the show with “Till The World Ends”.

Sweet Suspense is similar to Restless Road, only better.  They do their thing pretty well, as a young Girl Group.   But, they still don’t put that something extra into their songs the way Ellona has every time.  They were “cute” singing that song about being “90′s chicks”, but that’s all it was, cute, not inspiring.  They may have the same future as Restless Road, which I think is not much.  I honestly don’t see either of these two groups selling anything after this show ends.

Next, the Boys.

Tim Olstad is Donny Osmond, dated, boring.  There’s nothing about his singing that’s inspiring and moving.  Can he handle a song the way Ellona brought “Clarity” to life without having a hernia?   Tim Olstad may have a career singing in the future, but I really don’t think he’ll go anywhere unless he can find an emotion, even one emotion.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s dismissed as easily as any other elevator tune.  I know, harsh, but he’s worthy of this assessment from a realistic point of view.

Josh Levi was brought back to make the Final 12 a baker’s dozen (13). He’s nice and cute and he may be something someday.  He’s just not there yet.  But, I think he actually does have a music career in his future.  He’s got some of the gifts, but he’s still a little young yet and his vocals bring it out.  He’s somewhat like Michael Jackson when he was 12 or 13.  Cute.  Not a star yet.

Carlos Guevara admittedly has a good voice and may also have a music career.  He’s young and, like Khaya Cohen, is singing as if he’s an older guy.   But, does he bring anything else to the stage the way Ellona does?  No.  There’s no moving, no bringing energy, no reaching out to the people in the audience the way Ellona does.  He just sings.

Carlito Olivero is probably the best in the “Boys” category because he does have energy and a pretty good stage presence.  He’s got a very good singing voice and I can see him having the best music career of any of the “Boys”.   He’s not trying to be anything other than what he is, a young Hispanic man who sings well on stage.   He could have a very bright future in his particular world, following in the footsteps of other wonderful Hispanic performers.  But, will he have the same universal appeal as Ellona?  I don’t think so.  And, in terms of marketability, I believe Ellona beats him hands down because her music isn’t “nationality-oriented” the way Carlito’s is.  Her vocals beat his as does her stage presence.

And now, the “Over 25″ group.

Rachel Potter has a “nice” country voice.  But, would she really make it as a country singer?  If I’m not mistaken, she moved to Tennessee from New York and she has added her country voice as opposed to growing up with it like the real “Country-Music” stars.  Would she be able to get herself into that family?  I don’t know.   But, in terms of marketability, she is limited.   She also doesn’t have the same stage presence and doesn’t bring the same energy as Ellona.  She just doesn’t WOW the crowd, but Ellona has repeatedly.   Seriously, advantage Ellona.

Jeff Gutt wants to be a “Rock” singer.  I really don’t know how he’s going to live that dream by being on X Factor.  He needs to hook up with a good rock band that needs a good rock singer.  And, he needs to look the part better.   His voice is ok, but not spectacular.  His rendition of “Say You Say Me” wasn’t inspiring.  Neither was his rendition of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.  Don’t get me wrong, they were adequate and reminded me of the original songs.  And, that’s the problem – he didn’t distinguish himself.  He didn’t inspire.  And, that’s where Ellona wins again.

And last, but by no means least, is Lillie McCloud.   I really like her … for what she is.   She has a very nice singing voice and great control.   I see her forté as being a very nice jazz singer, putting out several albums, maybe making a splash in the jazz world, and singing in jazz clubs.  I don’t see her taking the American Music world by storm.  She has “it”, but she doesn’t have “IT” like Ellona does.  And, not to take anything away from Lillie.  I’ve loved everything she’s done.  But, I see her music career being limited whereas I see Ellona’s career having nothing but major upside in every way.

Ellona Santiago has the voice, the stage presence, the energy, and the Wow Factor to have a truly STAR future in the music business.  Her voice is excellent enough to truly grab your heart when she sang “Clarity”.   She truly makes you stronger when she lifts you up with her “Titanium”.  And, she truly makes you want to be dancing along with her in “Till The World Ends” (and what a great finish!).

Ellona Santiago WILL win this X Factor competition, mark my words.  In my opinion, she is the STAR of this show and already a star in the music world.  Make way for the Ellona Express, coming to a city near you!

You can see her on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

  1. najnaj08 says:

    I believe as well she is really the START of the show and I think Simon and the Producers already saw the potential becoming a popstar. I agree the high level energy that she always gave into her performances and whateve song it is she is going to sing the hell out of it! Well, the STAR is born!

  2. Steve says:

    I’m immensely proud of Ellona for being such a genuinely inspirational & blossoming Artist. My wife, Thage Montecarlo, a powerful & graceful singer in her own right, is also grateful for having had the opportunity to give her guidance & tutelage along the way. We extend our positive vibes to her from across the miles. May Ellona’s Artistry continue to touch the lives of many & serve as a means for soulful empowerment within her immediate community & beyond!

  3. marcel B. says:

    Yes she will win a 101%…she deserve to win this compition…thats for Real!..

  4. Jroses says:


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