Does Simon Cowell Think That Ellona Santiago Is “The One” With The “X Factor”? Let’s Review The Videotape!

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Entertainment
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“I really love working with people like you. Well done.”

Simon Cowell is the creator of “X Factor” and he is currently a judge on the X Factor USA this season.   He is not only a judge, but he also mentors one of the four categories of contestants, the “Groups”.   The other three X Factor categories are the “Boys”, the “Girls”, and the “Over 25” category.   Each category has its own judge/mentor:  Paulina Rubio – Boys; Demi Lovato – Girls; Kelly Rowland – Over 25.

As each week passes each category is trimmed down.  Recently, it was the “Four Chair Challenge” when ten contestants in each category were reduced to the final four in preparation for the live airings of the show.   And, most recently, the four in each category were reduced again to three with one exception in the “Boys” category, when one of the contestants, Josh Levi, was brought back after the fact, making it four contestants.

Although Simon Cowell’s category is “Groups”, he’s had remarkable things to say regarding Ellona Santiago, things that I believe tell me that he believes that Ellona is “The One” with the “X Factor” in this competition.   So, without further ado, let’s go to the videotape evidence!

Ellona started out by singing “Wings” by Little Mix.   This is the X Factor USA video of her performance:

At the 2:09 mark of the video, Simon’s words are clearly “That’s the one.” and he repeats it.  He also said, “You are the girl I think I want to work with most in this competition.”  And, he finishes by saying, “Ellona, it’s a million percent yes”.  A million percent?  That’s a nice start, but is there more?  Indeed there is!

Next is Ellona’s moment of “Clarity” during the Four Chair Challenge, reducing the Girls category to the Final Four.   Here is the X Factor USA video of that stirring performance:

You’ll notice, at the 2:53 mark of the video, as Ellona is nearing the end of the song, the camera cuts to Simon and he’s watching her with a grin and a look of approval in his eyes that is simply unmistakeable.  At this point it’s obvious that he’s enthralled with her.   This song may have brought Ellona the loudest cheers during this competition to this point, but she was far from finished wowing the crowds, as you’ll see.

Simon first says, “Ellona, it’s probably one of the best vocals we’ve heard, uh, from this category.” and “I can’t imagine you not being in this competition.” But, what happens next is unbelievable, not because of what Simon says, but what Demi Lovato, the judge/mentor of the “Girls” category, says regarding Ellona: “I agree with my judges. I believe that you have such an incredible voice.  You really are special, but I do believe that something is missing. (At this point, the crowds begin booing quite loudly) And I feel like that star quality isn’t there yet.”  Simon’s immediate response, “What?”, as in “Are you kidding, Demi?”

He’s astounded, but controlled. Demi continues, “It’s when I look, when I look at this panel right here in the four seats, I don’t, I can’t see myself letting go of any of them.” Controversy strikes?  Simon strikes back!  His response, “I disagree.  I think this girl’s one of the better singers.” to the sheer delight and cheers of the audience.  He is convinced and so far he hasn’t budged from that opinion.  When Demi finally decides that she’s going to keep Ellona, the audience erupts with cheers.

Next … did I say that Ellona was far from finished wowing the crowds?  She opened the first live show and performed “Till The World Ends“.  But, she didn’t just sing, she danced and brought the house down!  This is the X Factor USA video of her performance:

This was the most explosively entertaining performance of any of the contestants throughout the competition thus far and it gave Simon a chance to compliment her more while saying “I told you so” to Demi. Simon says, “Ellona, I can remember that there was some indecision from Demi whether she was going to put you through or not and I kind of feel responsible …” Ellona responded “You believed in me.” and Simon continued, “I believed in you and I was right. And what I love about you, Ellona, is that you’re here to win it, not just take part in a silly competition, but to win it and try and go on to sell records.” He then looks to his fellow judges and says, “And if she was one of my girls, I’d keep her … a million percent.”  Aha!  There’s that million percent again!   But, he’s not through and neither is Ellona!

Next is Ellona’s dynamic version of “Titanium” where she starts soft and very adeptly moves to a wonderful crescendo.  This is Ellona’s X Factor USA video:

Whereas Ellona showed she could really perform, singing and dancing with a choreographed group of onstage dancers, here she shows that she can handle the stage dynamically all alone – and this is noticed by Simon and by Demi Lovato.

Demi starts off by saying, “Ellona, I honestly, I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am right now.  You just showed the world and you proved to me that you can stand on that stage by yourself without dancers, without anything …” Simon interrupts, “And under pressure as well. I mean that was your best performance that you’ve ever done.” and Demi finishes with, “Incredible”. Thus far, Simon has only been exceedingly complimentary every chance he’s spoken to and about Ellona Santiago throughout this competition.   Will it continue?  Let’s see!

Finally, to this point in this unfinished X Factor competition, is Ellona singing “Baby Love” during the most recent show, a show with Motown as its theme.   Here is Ellona’s X Factor USA video:

First, Kelly Rowland starts off with her own glowing compliments, including “You are a little Power House!” and “You are so talented. You will go very far, my love.”

Next, Simon starts off saying, “Yeah, I’ve got to be honest with you, Ellona. When you first came out, you know, with the outfits and stuff, I thought, ‘Oh God, this is gonna be some cheerleader-type performance or something.’ But, I’ve got to tell you, you absolutely nailed that song. Really, really good!”  Then he continues, “You know what I love about you, Ellona, is that you’ve got, and don’t take this the wrong way, killer eyes. You know?   You’re really, really focused. You’re determined.  You want to win.  I really love working with people like you. Well done.”   I couldn’t agree more!

Simon Cowell has to this point been an unwavering supporter and, dare I say it, a true fan of Ellona Santiago.  I believe that he just knows that she is really and truly “The One” true talent in this competition that has the “X Factor”, the ability to really connect with the audience, to move them and take them up to the stars where she exists.  And, I believe his support will help Ellona Santiago win this X Factor competition.

You can see her on Facebook here and on Twitter here.


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